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Summary Introduction – Dated: 07/16/2014

For the first time, I got laid off last week.

Not for personal performance reasons, but rather an internal company restructuring. Nearly our entire team was laid off.

I was initially surprised since I was the number one inside sales development representative on a team of 8. I booked the most qualified-attended meetings year to date as of July 2014. Not only that, but of the 102 qualified-attended meetings I booked, 23 of them converted into opportunities worth a total of $4.78 million.

We were selling eDiscovery software. If you don’t know what eDiscovery software is, it’s very expensive enterprise software ($100K+/license) that helps companies and law firms find key documents in large volumes of data to defend their litigation case.

My role as an SDR at Recommind was to prospect into big Fortune 1000 accounts and top tier Law Firms in the central-US territory (plus Australia and New Zealand). The primary goal was to schedule introductory calls or demos for the outside reps in our territory (we called them Regional Managers). Most sales organizations call them “Closers”. And I suppose they are, but with 6-18 month sales cycles, it’s more about managing a well-organized process versus what I would traditionally associate with a one-line close.

But, back to how I scheduled meetings with the hardest to reach people in the country. We only received a handful of leads on a monthly basis. So, 90% of the meetings we booked were through cold outbound prospecting via emails and phone calls.

During the first two months, I got hung up on at least once per day. General Counsels and Litigation Attorneys are very busy people, who have very little interest in talking to software vendors. However, over the course of 1.5 years I learned how they behaved and how they liked to communicate.

Well, as of last week, the last time I can remember someone hanging up on me was four months ago. I figured out a repeatable process, and that’s why I was able to book the most meetings consistently every month.

I’d love to meet you and learn more about what you’re building. I have a lot of skills that can help get your product into the hands of more customers.

If you’d like to chat over the phone, let me know a good time in the coming days.


P.S. – Feel free to swing by and meet me in person. I run a sales club that meets every six weeks at Rocketspace ( Because I love tech sales!

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