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The next time you need to schedule a meeting, avoid the annoying back and forth emails. These 3 sales apps for gmail will help you schedule meetings faster. It’s that simple.

Have you ever had an email conversation that sounded something like this?

When is the best time for us to meet next week?

– I’m available anytime on Tuesday between 10:30am-11:15am, Wednesday same time, and Thursday between 9-10am and 1-3pm. Let me know.

Great, let’s confirm Thursday at 9am. Does that work?

– Actually, something came up then. And I have to check with Bob’s schedule. He wants to join as well. Let me get back to you.

Please no more.

If you added up all the hours I’ve wasted sending emails back and forth to schedule meetings, well, you’d have a lot of hours.

It was such a huge time waster for me that I had to go out and find a better way.

I thought there must be some sales app for gmail to automate this whole scheduling process. Sure enough, there is. And they’re free.

My personal favorite is #1. I’ll tell you why.

 3 Sales Apps for Gmail

#3 ScheduleOnce

scheduleonce screenshot

ScheduleOnce appears to be feature rich and more complex. Likely for large, more structured workforces. It’s quite popular with over 50,000 customers. But, this may not have made the list if didn’t shut down.

Since I have not personally used this sales app, I can’t really provide an accurate opinion. But I wanted to at least make you are aware of it, in case it fits your business needs best.

#2 Boomerang Calendar

boomerang screenshot

This is a great app for gmail. It’s simple to downland and then easily syncs your google calendar. You can suggest  multiple meeting times right from within the email. Then your recipient just clicks on the one time that works best for them. You both receive calendar invites. All done.

Pretty simple and straightforward. It’s a huge time saver.

There’s just one thing it’s missing…


#1 Betty

trybetty screenshot

…it’s missing Betty. She is elegant. She’s beautiful. She’s restlessly waiting to help you schedule meetings faster.

Yes, these 3 sales apps for gmail provide the same fundamental functionality. But there’s a clear difference in user experience.

There are fewer clicks needed to select proposed times. It looks professional to recipients, and they can easily understand it. Plus, the recipient doesn’t have to sign up for anything. Design matters. Especially for complex matters of the calendar.

I personally use this app on a regular basis. It frees up enough time for me to write to you.


As I sit here at my desk, trying to write a conclusion, I wondered something. How could you not use one of these 3 sales apps?

It’s a fact, they will save you time. Even if it takes you a few extra minutes to learn how it works. This kind of automation gets you back to doing more important tasks.

Tell me what apps you use in the comments.

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7 Comments 3 Sales Apps for Gmail to Schedule Meetings Faster

  1. Sam P. says:

    Thanks Ian! I signed up for Betty. So far she has been treating me well. – Sam

  2. DVP says:

    Hi Ian,

    Have any similar apps for use with Outlook?


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  4. Cory T says:

    I’ve been using for a couple months now. Whenever a potential client hits the “Get Started” button on my site, it no longer takes them to a contact form, but to I get 2-3x as many pitches per week.

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