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Normally, I’d tell you posts like this are a waste of time. Just fluffy video content that provides little value to you. However, last week I had three bad sales calls back to back. So I needed some inspiration to get my head back in the game.

I knew exactly where to look. In the 5 most unbelievable sales scenes from those big budget movies we all love.

And instead of needing to ever search for them again, I knew I had to post them here. To forever share them with you. Now you can access them anytime you want.

When you need a little inspiration to put you in the right state of mind. The Senator Club has you covered. These are the best sales scenes by rank.

I used the following three criteria to rankĀ  the unbelievable-ness of each sales scene:

  • I had to enjoy watching the scene repeatedly
  • Each scene needed to be from a different movie
  • The main character from the scene is selling some idea, product or service

All five are waiting for you.

#5 Pursuit of Happyness – First Impression

This scene is not a sales call or pitch. Will Smith is interviewing for a full-time job as a sales broker. He makes them laugh and gets the job. It’s smart and clever. Can you make your customers laugh? Be smart and clever in your comedy; customer’s will remember you.


#4 Jerry McGuire – Show Me the Money

Jerry McGuire pulls off the impossible. Getting big time pro footballer, Rod Tidwell to sign with him instead of the sports agency. He won with, “what can I do for you Rod? Think about that. What can you do for your customer? You will win when you ask, “what can I do for you?”


#3 Along Came Polly – Sandy’s Big Speech

Confidence is the name of the game. Reuben Feffer’s best friend, Sandy Lyle, knows nothing about life insurance policies. But he knows acting. So when he is asked to fill in for Reuben and present to the board, he uses confidence to win his audience. Especially at the end of the scene. Commit to your sale. If you don’t believe in what you’re selling, why should your customers?


#2 Boiler Room – First Sale

Text book phone selling here. Seth Davis putting classic sales strategies to work. He captures the doctor’s attention, handles objections, then gets the doctor (the prospect) to ask him a buying question. Sales fundamentals at work. So classic. If you try this strategy today, people will hang up on you. Yes, I tried it.


#1 Glengarry Glen Ross – Always Be Closing

ABC, always be closing. Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross takes the number one spot for most unbelievable sales scene. He is the stereotypical confident, unapologetic, bold and brash salesmen who gets what he wants. And he literally shows you his brass balls while doing it.


Your co-worker or friend could use some inspiration too.

Share these sales scenes with them. Give them a boost before their next sales call.

Also, send me the link in the comments below to any other sales scenes you think are unbelievable.

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8 Comments 5 Unbelievable Sales Scenes from Big Budget Movies

  1. Molly says:

    Another great one from Erin Brockovich:

  2. Vanessa McGrath says:

    Hey Ian,

    #3 is hilarious! I forgot all about that scene. If I think of another, I’ll definitely post it here.

  3. Quora says:

    Where can I find videos of top salespeople in action to serve as best practice models?

    I wondered the same thing for awhile. It’s hard to learn about sales without actually seeing it in action. First, I suggest you sign up for all your competitor’s products to see how they sell a comparable product. Second, it’s hard to find a credibl…

  4. Jim Kim says:

    Great scenes, Ian! I’m also a big fan of this cold call from “The Wolf of Wall Street”:

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