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sales expert once upon a time

I am going to write a post with a complete list of the best lead generation strategies.

How will I do that?

I am going to send a twitter message to each of the top sales experts. The people that study the art of selling.

In the twitter message, I will write:

@name what’s your best lead generation strategy in 140 characters? (writing post on sales experts, see details: )

All sales experts excited to share their knowledge with everyone will tweet back their response. I will then publish each of their personal best lead generation strategies.

In fact, I am going to write a full blog post on them. It will highlight each tweet, who it was from and their website where you can find them.

Each lead-gen strategy tweet will look like this in a ranked list.

sales expert @ianmtaadams tweet

The rank will be sorted in order of response time. First to respond at the top, last to respond at the bottom.

I’m excited to share all the great ideas from all the top sales experts.

But you know what? There’s a way for you to be included too. I want to share the best lead generation ideas with everyone. So if you have one, send it to me. Get it published at the top of the list so everyone sees it.

CLICK HERE to send me a tweet at @ianmtadams with your best lead generation strategy in 140 characters or less.

Then watch yourself get featured on the best sales blog post of 2013.


Ian Adams


P.S. – The title of this blog post is a little foreshadowing on my part 😉 I will send the first tweet today at approximately 7:30AM (pacific time).



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2 Comments What These Sales Experts Did Made Me Smile Until My Cheeks Hurt

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  2. Kaiden says:

    I will be putting this danlzizg insight to good use in no time.

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