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I gathered the best lead generation ideas from the top sales experts.

Imagine that. The best lead generation ideas from people that sell for a living and are really passionate about it.

I’m excited about the results. I want to thank everybody who participated. These ideas will help boost all of our sales.

You can see how I reached out to all these sales experts here. And wait until you hear what happened when I did it. I’ll tell you at the end.

So without further delay, here are the best lead generation ideas. Each fit into a 140 character tweet. You can look at each author’s website by clicking on their name. And follow them on twitter by clicking on their tweet.

#1 Michael Hyatt (


#2 Bob Phibbs (


#3 Lori Richardson (


 #4 Robert Terson (


 #5 Jeff Michaels (


 #6 Tagamo (


 #7 Jim Keenan (


 #8 Rain Group (


 #9 Doug Davidoff (


 #10 Marcus Sheridan (


 #11 Radius (


 #12 Craig Klein (


 #13 Lee Salz (


 #14 John Hurley (


 #15 Ian Brodie (


 #16 Don Cooper (


 #17 Startup Bros (


 #18 Colleen Francis (


 #19 Dave Stein (


 #20 Stu McLaren (


 #21 Saundra Hadley (


 BONUS: Ian Adams

sales expert @ianmtaadams tweet


That bonus tip is pretty nice. Just trying to keep up with the pros.

Oh, before I forget. Remember, I told you something happened when I reached out to all these sales experts on twitter.

My twitter account got suspended!! Both follower and following counts went to zero. Surprisingly, when I saw this, I (for the most part) kept my cool. But also had a mini freak out inside at the same time.

The problem was, I sent 50 tweets out in a matter of 10 minutes. One tweet to 50 different sales experts.

Well, the twitter machines thought my tweets were spammy, so they immediately suspended my account. Fortunately, once they realized my intentions were good, we were back online within two hours.

All that aside, take these lead generation ideas to heart. It’s easy to read them and just nod your head saying ‘yes, good idea’. It’s another to take action and actually test whether it works for you.

Be a part of the second group. Take action.

And let me know your lead generation idea in the comments below.


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5 Comments 23 Lead Generation Ideas from Sales Experts on Twitter Yesterday

  1. […] I gathered the best lead generation ideas from the top sales experts. Imagine that. The best lead generation ideas from people that sell for a living and are really passionate about it. I’m excited about the results.  […]

  2. Anne Miller says:

    Speak to groups of likely prospects & let them see your style, your value, & your & your uniqueness.

    • Ian Adams says:

      Absolutely Anne. I am still getting used to showing my own style. And I mean, really incorporating who you are into the sales process and also into your personal brand. In fact, I just wrote a quest post on this subject for Bob Terson at Selling Fearlessly above. Should be out sometime in the next month.

  3. Katie McGill says:

    Neat idea Ian. I was wondering how long this took you to create?


    • Ian Adams says:

      Yeah, the creative part is always the most time consuming for me. Once I know what I want to do, things tend to run pretty smoothly. Overall we had great participation, so it wasn’t too difficult. Probably in total a few hours. But I had an assistant actually take the screen shots and properly link to the author’s site. This saves me a lot of time.

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